4 advantages of building an IT Team using Nearshore


Digital transformation is taking a fast pace, accelerating towards a new reality that has come with the pandemic situation and new ways of thinking work models.

Towards digitalization, organizations do now face new challenges, but also new opportunities and yet these unlimited advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. In fact, to be successful in implementing an effective digital strategy, means to act proactively each and every day. That is why, for instance, investments in Nearshore are increasing. In fact, a Savills study points out that Portugal comes 2nd in the ranking of the most attractive countries on this area.

Embracing some Nearshore model into your business means delegating part of your company’s tasks to another executor. Nearshoring model in IT projects outsourcing will mean finding a company within your geographical region that would do delegated tasks for you. That’s more or less what happens when we talk about a Nearshore model on the software development industry: by considering companies located geographically near you, it is possible to have access to a larger network of technological talent, assuring processes move out faster and embrace a more efficient and economical strategy.

Let`s take a look into some four advantages of this model in what concerns to structuring an IT team:

Nearshore means compatible time zones:

Time zone compatibility is, for sure, one of the most significant Nearshore advantages, for individuals managing an external team.  Having the same time zones, or close time zone, allows you to engage with others during regular business hours. In fact, since you have a partner that shares the same time zone, things became even more easy to achieve, making software development strategy simpler. By the end of the day, this allows you to have higher quality in your deliverables. Some time zones helps minimize cultural and geographical barriers, promotes the use of communication tools and improves collaboration between teams.

Qualified human resources and access to new technologies:

A Nearshore strategy provides customers with technological teams of highly qualified and experienced specialists. It also helps promoting a culture of innovation with greater access to technological teams of highly qualified specialists, expertise in new technologies, new models as well as traditional and agile methodologies.

Facilitates integration with the internal development team:

To have an external team working together with the organization means it is important to make sure there is a good coordination between the internal and external workers as it enhances the skills of each member and makes work easier and more profitable. In fact, by sharing social similarities, technical language and expertise, all of them can complement each other.

Greater diversity:

If you are looking for new ideas and different mindsets, Nearshore is the way to go. When in contact with others, it exposes us to new ways of thinking, ideas and cultures and it has a direct impact on productivity, service quality as well as customer experience.

All in all

In an era when time is money and organizations must be ready to respond to new market demands — like constant growth in technologies, the need to provide value-added services, and the greater difficulties in hiring and retaining talent —, Nearshore is the answer.

And numbers are here to prove that: according to a Forbes study, the software outsourcing market will increase by 70% ‘till the end of the year and global IT outsourcing revenue is projected to reach $587.6 billion by 2027. In fact, if it is true that Nearshore comes with some challenges – it requires time, resources and energy – it is also true that, by working with remote, experienced and flexible teams, organizations may be holding their best key to open doors on winning successful projects.

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