Companies of Excellence to Work for in Portugal | BOOST-IT

Companies of Excellence to Work for in Portugal | BOOST-IT


"What truly sets us apart in the market is our constant commitment to innovation and investment in our people."

This statement comes from Filipa Lopes, the Human Resources Director at the technology company Boost-IT, which is part of the Nexus Capital Group. She further explains: "Not only do we implement pioneering solutions that set standards in the sector, but we also cultivate an environment where every employee is seen as fundamental to collective success. This synergy between cutting-edge technology and human development is what drives our sustainable growth. In a way, it means that our focus on attracting high-value international clients who seek to develop complex solutions helps to attract the best talent in Portugal."

Reflecting on the company's journey "with a mix of pride and gratitude," she shares that from the beginning, they have focused on quality, innovation, and sustainability, elements that they consider "allow us to continue growing responsibly." Furthermore: "Every step of our development reflects the dedication and excellence of our employees, and it is this commitment that motivates us to achieve even more. Although, to be completely frank, we are much more focused on the future than on what has already been built, as our eyes are set on tomorrow."

In this perspective, it is timely to understand, for example, how the company views the challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in connection with human capital. Filipa Lopes says they see these challenges as "opportunities to improve and optimize people management practices," giving an example: "We are exploring ways to integrate AI into our operations to increase efficiency, while ensuring that our employees continue to play a central role in decision-making and business development."

A More Holistic Strategy

Regarding the strategy for people management, Boost-IT has been evolving to make it "more holistic, valuing both the well-being and professional growth of each team member," shares Filipa Lopes. "We have implemented robust training and personal and professional development programs that not only empower our employees but also create an environment where everyone feels motivated and valued," she adds, noting that "the most impactful challenges for people management strategy have been the dynamic talent market and the constantly changing expectations of clients." To face these challenges, they continuously adapt their talent management practices, ensuring they are always at the forefront in attracting, developing, and retaining exceptional talent. All this, considering that the group of companies to which Boost-IT belongs, Nexus Capital, started in 2018, then in 2019, COVID happened, followed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

At Boost-IT, according to Filipa Lopes, the Human Resources Director, "the connection between people and business is fundamental," ensuring that "each employee not only understands their contribution to the company's success but also feels integrally involved and essential in achieving common goals."

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