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Our client is a North American multinational, world leader in the Tobacco and Cigarette sector, which sells its products to over 180 countries.



Our client is a North American multinational, world leader in the Tobacco and Cigarette sector, which sells its products to over 180 countries.

It is present in all continents with several production units and laboratories where they seek to diversify their product portfolio according to the latest standards of quality and technology.


Following their Digital Transformation strategy they chose Portugal to set up a CoE (Center of Excellence) where they will concentrate several areas of technological expertise that until now were dispersed in several locations.

Their main goals with this CoE are to:

  • Be able to assemble this entire team in Portugal (about 220 people until 2022), starting with the leading positions and then all the remaining positions;
  • Ensure gender diversity (50/50 female split);
  • Hire highly qualified professionals in the intended technologies;
  • With this team they want the company to become a company without physical datacenters, but 100% cloudBased;
  • They want to identify applications, Apps, existing business support platforms and reprogram them according to the technologies and standards defined to have a common framework worldwide;
  • Use this COE to develop strategic projects regarding the digital transformation process and with a global scope.


Boost IT is a strategic partner of our client regarding the whole Sourcing process of the highly specialized professionals our client is looking for, within the timings and technologies defined for the COE.

Boost IT will support our client to assemble a COE around 200 people in Portugal until 2022 in technological areas such as:

  • Cloud
  • Infraestruturas
  • Base de Dados
  • Desenvolvimento (FrontEnd / Back End / Integração / Mobile)
  • Qualidade
  • UX/UI
  • Analytics (BI / BigData / DataScience)
  • IoT

We offer our client a highly specialized service, composed by two dedicated teams from Boost IT that will work in two distinct areas of Services:

  • Direct Recruitment (for Management and Middle Management positions);
  • Extended Teams (For all functions and technologies, from senior, middle and junior profiles).

Our technical teams will be 100% dedicated to our client, and services will be provided at our client's facilities, and according to their procedures and Guidelines and timings.


  • Use Technology to create a sustainable Outlook for the business and deliver products that will benefit our costumers and theirs needs;
  • Evolve IT capabilities to help the transformation process from one of the most traditional businesses in the world, to one of the most technologically advanced;
  • Creation of a fully dedicated COE with a worldwide reach;
  • Acceleration of the Digital Transformation process on a global scale with complementary and highly qualified teams, ensuring applicability, security and reliability in different markets;
  • Ability to scale technological teams according to established objectives and deadlines;
  • Stability and quality of the professionals hired;
  • Contractual flexibility;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Platform model with end-to-end accountabilities;
  • Centralized Model focused on impact for PMI
  • Markets focused on differentiating consumer experiences;
  • Empowered delivery Centers;
  • Insourcing of differentiating capabilities.

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