Outsourcing Cyber Security: 5 benefits to reduce the risk and cost


As time goes by and cyber threats keep growing, Cyber Security is becoming crucial for companies. In fact, this area has been seen and marked as a priority on all organization budgets. Cyber Security has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes not only because their systems and networks store sensitive and (really) valuable information, but also because malicious actors are always peeking around the corner, just waiting for the right moment to launch a cyber-attack.

So that is why businesses can no longer rely on simple solutions like their anti-virus or firewall to protect themselves as cyber criminals, are becoming smarter and adapting their strategies to evade these “simple” defences. Organizations must now count on the know-how to identify, eliminate and prevent vulnerabilities that could affect the structure and security of data.

According to a Deloitte study 57% of all companies have been somehow attacked in the last two years. Same study also says, “organizations’ cyber budget is, somewhat, evenly spread to broadly protect them from risks”. In fact, money is being putted on data security (16%) but also on infrastructure security and cyber transformation (14%) or application security (13%).  In addition, all this becomes even more important as we know that 463 billion GB of data will be generated daily by 2026, according to the same study.

With all these scenarios on the table, it is important to rethink Cyber Security and ensure that it effectively advances within the organization. But, if you feel that your company does not have the necessary know-how in this field, why don’t you outsource all area? It can be a possibility to consider, which represents some huge advantages.

Below, we mention five benefits of using an external Cyber Security team:

To have a specialized team

When working on outsourcing mode, with external specialists, organizations can minimize risks and improve results, especially in the Cyber Security area. We are talking here about professionals that have been working, for years, with quite a lot of different companies on a lot of sectors; that gives them the right experience to deal with a wide variety of threats and vulnerabilities. Same is to say, these teams are always ready to answer your question, no matter which they are.


If you are looking to manage your budgets this might also be a way of doing it. By going on an outsourcing service, companies can manage to have some high-level security services at just a fraction of the cost. In fact, an internal team requires higher expenses, mostly on hiring people.

Greater efficiency

Considering the vast experience of these teams in the area of ​​Cyber Security, extensive knowledge of trends, technologies, methods and cutting-edge software, professionals from outsourcing partners can work and solve problems faster and more efficiently.


There is a key word on the Cyber Security area. So that is why Cyber Security teams will be able to guarantee real-time support in such a faster, more effective way. For them it is easier to present flexible solutions and adapt to the needs of customers, to deal with cyber-attacks.

Holistic approach

Being able to work on the importance of having a complete Cyber Security framework integrated into the company's global strategy is fundamental. Is helps setting measurable goals, in terms of incident response and protection, to ensure clearer results.


Let us reinforce the importance of betting on Cyber Security specialists external to the company, (what we call outsourcers) as they have greater experience in dealing with different cyber threats, present faster results, optimize processes and productivity, among many others positive things. Do not let yourself behind others in designing a Cyber Security strategy. According to The State of Cyber ​​Resilience study, 59% of companies have not yet developed a Cyber Security plan and that is not a good point. Not a good reality when we know that there is evidence that it is much cheaper to prevent cyberattacks, and build resilience in the organization, than to repair the damage caused by them, when they occur.

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