IT project management with a remote team


If digital natives have already embraced the virtual, digital, and remote work worlds, the truth is that the covid-19 has confirmed the validity of the context, and remote work is now almost a commodity in many businesses.

However, while there are numerous advantages to working from home, there are also challenges, particularly when it comes to management, whether of people or of distant projects, due to the existence of different priorities, communication, and so on. Challenges that can be overcome with the right tools and processes.

Benefits of remote project management:

  • Agile task management - are many of the arguments that acknowledge remote workers' productivity, and in fact, the management recognises this as well, emphasising agility in task management through fluid and efficient communication between the leader and the team.
  • Cost-benefit - A hybrid or entirely remote labour force can help to reduce indirect costs by requiring fewer spaces and resources than traditional workplaces, avoiding costs such as insurance, cleaning, and security.
  • Work-life balance - Remote workers are more satisfied and admit to being able to balance their personal and professional lives better. This satisfaction, as well as the involvement of employees, are critical to the long-term viability of the business.
  • Reports and feedback - In order for projects to progress smoothly, all of the company's resources must be aligned with the goals and work together to achieve them. Communication and transparency are essential for information to circulate within the company and be useful to all.

How should this work model be implemented and managed?

With the acceleration of digital transformation and the loss of teleworker heritage due to the Covid-19, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to implement flexible and productive environments that can also be placed on the radar of international clients. Step by step, it is possible to improve the virtual work environment and motivate the team to help the business grow.

  • Choosing a Platform

    When working with remote teams, it is critical to select a good system for managing projects and tasks, and that, in addition to effectively tracking who is doing what, allows you to see how each task is progressing. A suitable system also allows for the centralization of all team communication, resulting in a productive and safe environment.
  • Identifying the right professionals for each project

    For each project, the resources with the most expertise in the field should be identified, always aligning the project's goals with the skills and responsibilities of each team member.
  • Ensure noise-free communication

    Maintaining interaction with the team through virtual meetings, chats, and other means is critical to keeping the teams connected and working together. It makes no difference where the people are as long as communication and process transparency are maintained.
  • Identify a leader

    To ensure that each project is completed on time and in accordance with the objectives, as well as to collect feedback from the team and the various stakeholders involved, the organisation should have a qualified intern or a partner in charge of project management.

With remote work becoming more popular, it is natural that outsourcing services will continue to gain prominence in a variety of organisational processes, promoting business growth and the development of work environments that, through innovation, will open up new opportunities for collaboration both within and outside of organisations.

Similarly, outsourcing allows businesses to gain access to qualified and dedicated professionals who lay the groundwork for executives to direct their teams toward what matters most: the company's profitability and growth.

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