IT Career: What companies look for when hiring a Software Developer


As companies around the world have become more reliant on software, the role of the Software Developer has evolved significantly. These past few years have been particularly important in highlighting the importance of developers. The talent search is at its peak. 

According to the recent Employment Outlook Survey that ManpowerGroup conducted in Europe, the hiring outlook for 2023 is optimistic despite what they call the “highest talent shortage in 17 years.” The research identifies IT as the sector with the highest global hiring demand rates, at 34%, with digital roles being the main drivers. 

It also notes that the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) reports consistent outlooks. Germany and Portugal are the two European countries with the highest talent shortages reported around the world, which generates attractive job opportunities for professionals looking to advance their IT careers. 

In particular, the role of the Software Developer is one of the most sought-after and better-paid jobs in the industry. A report from recruiting firm Adecco, published in 2022, identified Software Developer as the most in-demand role in Portugal, with great job opportunities. 

However, it takes time and dedication for a qualified professional to achieve the right mix of specialisation and experience: not only do they need talent, but also certification and know-how. 


What do companies look for when hiring a Software Developer:

  • Alignment with corporate culture: IT companies now look for professionals whose skills, approach, and temperament perfectly match their corporate culture. A good hire must also have a general understanding of the business and how the company operates. 
  • Technical skills: The candidate must master the technologies used by the company, especially new and disruptive tech. But organisations also look for professionals who demonstrate strong problem-solving skills and an analytical approach, i.e., multifaceted candidates who can solve problems regardless of when they arise during the development journey. 
  • Interpersonal skills:Recruiters value candidates who can adapt and work in teams, as well as demonstrate emotional intelligence and good communication skills – using intelligible language that does not require deep technical knowledge to understand. 
  • Time management:One of the keys to the success of a Software Developer is the ability to work under pressure, have a critical eye for details, and display a strong commitment to accuracy. These professionals must be able to accurately predict how much time they’ll spend on a project and communicate accordingly, so that the expectation is reasonable and clear. Their work must be focused on results and high productivity. 
  • Prioritise continuous growth:IT companies prioritise candidates who are continuously working on their skills and keep up with new industry trends and tools. It’s a crucial part of the role to dedicate some time to their professional development, as that’s the only way to keep up with advanced technologies and innovation projects. 


Today’s companies don’t just choose candidates based on their technical skills. They increasingly look for interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. That’s why IT professionals need to develop a strategic career plan and choose the specialisation that better aligns with their interests – both personal and professional, their skills, and even their personality.


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