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The IDC FutureScape2022 report said unequivocally that technology investment would continue to rise, with the TIC market expected to grow by 5% per year between 2021 and 2025. During this expansion, a lack of resources appears to be worsening and worrying executives who fear seeing their digital transformation plans jeopardized. Taking only existing TIC jobs into account, IDC predicts that by 2025, 90% of European organizations would be lacking in TIC resources. In practice, more than 1.15 million professionals are expected in the European Union. As a result, we conclude that there are not enough people with technical training for the current IT job market, despite the fact that 53% of companies want to increase their technological investments this year, as predicted by the "State of IT 2022" report. Now, opportunities appear at every turn; all it takes is being alert to find the perfect match with the IT career.

IT areas with a shortage of professionals

Software development: this has long been one of the IT areas that generates the most job opportunities and, according to projections, will continue to be so. The development of software and mobile applications is critical for businesses with a digital dimension. Professionals with experience in python, low-code, java script, .net, and PHP, as well as the necessary soft skills, are sought among the technological competencies.

Cybersecurity: Operational security, network security, application security, and cloud security have never been more vital than now. Cybercrime and cybersecurity are global threats that threaten our technological future, and professionals who can identify and combating them will have a competitive advantage in the job market.

Data Science and Big Data: Data are everywhere, and the ability to collect, analyse, and communicate them through proper visualization is critical for any business. Its application is so broad that new professions related to Big Data, statistics, or mathematics are emerging every day.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: The development of machines, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have revolutionized many areas of the manufacturing industry. Competence in these areas is synonymous with secure employment and a promising future in innovation. Mechanical engineering, hardware integration engineering, application engineering, machine learning, data architecture, and nanotechnologies are areas that businesses want to strengthen with new capabilities.

Blockchain Technology: Blockchain technology is bringing new resources to the world of business and data management. The increasing use of this technology by businesses creates a need for professionals with skills in software development and programming who can ensure the security and architecture of the blockchain system, laying the groundwork for application development tailored to the needs of each organization. Companies are interested in Blockchain Engineering, Blockchain Information Security, Blockchain Designers, and Blockchain Quality Engineers.

Internet of Things (IoT): Aside from driving the next stage of manufacturing, known as Industry 4.0, IoT is a trend that is being studied and applied in a variety of IT innovation areas. This technological area provides excellent career opportunities for those with expertise in Big Data, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and full-stack web development.


Is it necessary to keep an eye out for IT job opportunities:

  • IEFP service network
  • Websites of national or multinational IT companies
  • Recruiting portals
  • Social networks, namely LinkedIn
  • IT specialists or head-hunters
  • Networking with IT professionals at speciality events or job fairs at universities.

As a result, if you are interested in determining which areas of employment may "match" with your IT career, there is nothing better than keeping an eye on the media and communication channels, as well as social media networks, particularly LinkedIn, where there are always updates on technological predictions and trends, as well as the strategic positioning of businesses in the market.

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