Profile of IT Professionals - What is the market looking for?


The increasing digitalization paved the way for the creation of more and new IT careers in businesses, while the pursuit of several technological profiles accelerated wildly. This scenario poses a significant challenge for businesses, which face a shortage of technological talent to address their needs and seek answers and paths that will lead them to the desired professionals.

The market is monitoring the flow of specialised professionals and is on the lookout for any opportunities to recruit talent for their teams. According to IDC Portugal, 90% of organisations will be short of TIC resources by 2025, with more than 1.15 million professionals in Europe falling short. By 2025, Portugal will require over ten thousand professionals. The word "opportunity" unquestionably best describes today's IT professional market.

However, finding and retaining these professionals is difficult. Changes in work models have resulted in the emergence of new selection standards and the valorisation of skills that go beyond the technical, referred to as soft skills, in which these professionals' motivations, analytical thinking, and creativity are evaluated. This combination of hard and soft skills can place candidates in the top tier of recruitment processes.

What areas should be pre-defined on radar?

Certain areas must be prioritised if the goal is to strengthen the teams. Aside from the standard areas of operation in any business, "alarms" should be set when specific competencies enter at the professional circuit, as a condition to ensure the business's future, sustainability, opportunities and competitive challenges.


With the increasing importance of data, this is one of the areas that businesses must safeguard. Having these professionals in your home will always be associated with the protection of your data, infrastructure, hardware, and software.

Architecture of the cloud

Cloud computing is not a new concept in business, and its use in infrastructure is widespread. True, the distance imposed by Covid-19 was beneficial, but having "everything in the cloud" was tremendously useful. Because operational and technological processes are so complex, having specialists in these areas is critical. It is important to pay attention once again to opportunities!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Data is synonyms for a treasure that, when used correctly, has the potential to transform businesses. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are undeniable advances in the use of this information to achieve better returns for businesses and automatisms, until recently, only seen in movies. You must have the right professionals on your side to drive this kind of innovation into new markets.

Massive amounts of data

We already know that if the data allows for automation, we must discover, understand, connect, read, and manage the information systems. Professionals in business intelligence, data analytics, and data science/big data mining are also in high demand.


5G networks promise endless benefits, but development and implementation are required. The operators have increased their efforts to find qualified and specialised professionals in these fields. We can predict a "poaching" for network analysts, operations, and telco specialists.

Languages ​​that are “spoken” in the market

Because of the growing bet on digital transformation, many businesses are expanding their technology departments and investing in more mature and innovative programming solutions. Aside from that, it has increased the demand for professionals with in-depth knowledge of specific technologies, languages, and software programs.


The power of data and artificial intelligence is boosting web environments, and programmers who "speak" this language are always in demand.


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Java. This language is one of the most widely used on the internet today, with a philosophy based on "write once, execute anywhere." The evolution of multiplatform environments expands the market opportunities for these programmers.


Is one of the most widely used programming languages today, and its functionality feeds the creativity of programmers who want to be innovative and creative.


Entices programmers with its ease of use and flexibility, allowing them to achieve great things in terms of interoperability and, as a result, the profitability of business investments. This language is undeniably advantageous to programmers, who are thus attractive to recruiters.


Uncomplicated and straightforward, low-code applications gain the same speed in recruitment processes as they provide in application development. The Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Team Manager competencies, among others, attract attention in the market.


Increasingly complex processes are required for innovation, and blockchain technology is poised to revolutionise data exchange and other operations, putting these architects on the radar of an increasing number of IT departments.


The competition for highly specialised professionals has already begun. It's your turn to pay attention!

The search for professionals has been ongoing for some time, and the need to find the right professionals has led many companies to hire resources before they reach the open market, that is, at the university, while they are still in training, and to begin immediately preparing, motivating, and moulding them according to your corporate culture.

It is also critical that businesses identify their needs and which profiles they require to guide their approach to the desired destination.

Many profiles are currently in the sights of head-hunters or HR managers. Some of the most sought-after positions are software developers, mobile developers (IOS/Android), system administrators, cybersecurity specialists/masters, DevOp engineers, network administrators, data analysts, data science, and big data mining professionals.

Nonetheless, recruiters look for specialisation in addition to other skills. In terms of soft skills, resilient workers who can operate easily in complex and uncertain situations are in high demand.

If you are unable to identify professionals entering the market on your own, seek the assistance of a qualified partner. Remember that when you find the perfect person, time does not stop. Increase your speed! There are also other players on the ground that are willing to pay more or seduce better.

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